Physical Development: Supporting Children Ages Zero to Three

Supporting Physical Development From the moment they’re born, children are discovering the physical world around them, how they fit into it and move in it. One day they make the connection that they have limbs that move and fingers and toes that wiggle, and soon they’re figuring out how to sit, then stand, and then […]

Creating a Routine To Care For Infants / Quality Start

How To Build A Successful Infant Caregiver Routine Caregiving routines are built-in opportunities for connection between a child and a caregiver. Multiple times throughout the day an infant will be fed, changed, settled in for naps, and cleaned up and it is in these everyday occurrences that caregivers can build a nurturing relationship founded in […]

Resource and Referral Agencies Help Parents and Providers

What is a resource and referral agency? At their core, resource and referral agencies (R&Rs) are structured to support parents and caretakers looking for child care and for child care providers looking for a variety of supports, from building a business to education. Each county or region has their own specified R&R agency, for San […]

Provider Appreciation Day

What is Provider Appreciation Day May 6th is National Provider Appreciation Day, a specific day in which we recognize and celebrate child care providers and their incredible commitment to children and families. The work of caring for and educating little learners requires keen focus, commitment, creativity, and compassion. Providers in QSSB 2022 marks six years […]

Language Development: Supporting children ages zero to three

Supporting Language Development They may not sound like they’re speaking any language you’ve ever heard before, but your child is listening to and communicating with you from their very first days. Children are building the foundation of their language skills through their sounds, cries, and gestures and by observing those communicating with them. It is […]

About Reading is Fundamental

What is Reading is Fundamental? Young children go through a methodical journey when learning how to read. First comes the introduction to language through the sounds of parents and caregivers and then eventually children start to speak their first words and later, sentences. This is called emerging literacy and it is the foundation of all […]

Creating a Lesson Plan

How to Create a Lesson Plan Lesson planning is essential to creating a classroom that is organized, developmentally appropriate, and supportive. For some, lesson planning can feel like a stressful or intimidating task considering the time and focus it takes. Here, we’ve broken the elements of planning down into manageable steps so that you can […]

Spring into Spring: Play, Craft and Read

Spring is here- Let’s hop into it! We love this time of year- the longer days bring more sunshine, warmer weather and we’re surrounded by the promise of blooming plants! We’ve compiled a list of activities for the whole family to help welcome the season. Spring into Activity Search for spring with this interactive activity […]

Social Emotional Development: Supporting children ages zero to three

Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood It is amazing how much children grow and learn in their first five years! Parents and caretakers may feel at times that they’re looking at and caring for a new little person every day! This is because your child is developing at an incredible rate- mentally, physically, and […]

Infant and Toddler Learning Foundations

Early Development Learning Foundations The California Infant/Toddler Learning and Development Foundations are an in-depth, research and evidence backed explanation of the way infants and toddlers develop in the first three years of life and how that translates to high-quality classrooms. The Infant Toddler Learning Foundations explains development through four inter-connected domains, or specified areas of […]

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