What is QSSB


Quality Start San Bernardino County, or QSSB, is a quality rating and improvement system (QRIS) designed to help child care programs and preschools provide the highest quality early learning experiences possible. QSSB supports quality early learning by:

  • 1Establishing standards that define what quality means and looks like for early care and education programs.
  • 2Measuring programs using these standards.
  • 3Offering and connecting educators to professional development opportunities.
  • 4Helping parents and caregivers find quality programs for their children.

QSSB quality standards look at the following characteristics of early learning programs:


More teachers per child mean staff can spend more one-on-one, engaged time with children.

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Learning Activities

High quality learning activities support each child’s interests, growth, and development, as well as culture and home language.

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High quality learning environments are safe, healthy, and engaging, and promote effective teacher and child interactions.

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Health and Child Development

Children’s overall well being, including physical, social, and emotional development, is supported.

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Staff Training and Education

Program administrators and teachers are trained in child development and early learning; they have completed relevant college coursework and/or ongoing professional training.

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QRIS in San Bernardino County

Quality Start San Bernardino County is the county’s local QRIS. Click here for background information on the initiative in San Bernardino County.

For information on QRIS in our neighboring counties, visit:

QualityStart OC
Quality Start Los Angeles
Quality Start Riverside County

QRIS Beyond San Bernardino County

QRIS is a national movement. Most states have developed QRISs or are in the process of developing them. In California, each county has the opportunity to develop its own local QRIS. Initial funding for QRIS in California began with the federal Race to the Top - Early Learning Challenge grant, and has continued with additional statewide funding opportunities.